28 October 2011

10th Our Environment Questions foe FA-III

Very short answer questions: Each question carries 1 mark. Tick the correct one
1. Ozone layer is destroyed by
a) SO2 b) Smog c) CFC d) CO2
2. Which of the following is biodegradable?
a) Cow dung b) Plastic c) DDT d) Radioactive wastes
3. Vegetable peels, waste paper, wood carvings and egg shells can be used to make
a) Bricks b) Compost c) Urea d) None of these
4. Which of the following is constituent of a food chain?
a) Grass, wheat and mango b) Grass, goat and human
c) Goat, cow and elephant d) Grass, fish and goat
5. Acid rain is caused by precipitation of
a) Oxides of sulphur b) CFCs c) Ozone d) CO2
1) Classify the following as decomposers and producers -
Green plants, bacteria, fungi, algae, blue green algae.
2) Distinguish between producers and consumers.
3) Name two environment friendly practices.
1. How is ozone depletion caused? Name the compounds causing it.
2. What is meant by biodegradable waste? Which of the following are biodegradable?
Agriculture residue, plastic, insecticides, sewage.
3. What is being done to avoid ozone depletion? ( Three steps)
4. What is meant by a trophic level? Why do we have a greater number of organisms at lower levels?
Long answer (5 marks):
5. Describe any five modes of disposal of wastes.
6. Quiz:
1. Ozone layer is destroyed by ____________.
2. Ecology is the study of the interaction of _______ with each other and their surroundings.
3. Decomposers are also called ___________.
4. Water, air, light and temperature are the examples of ____ components.
5. Consumers ______manufacture their own food and depend on plants and other animals for their feed.
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