05 November 2011

10th Science - Our Environment Questions Banks for CBSE Board with Hint

        Chapter - 15 Our Environment           
             Questions Paper Set-1                   
1 mark Questions:-

1. Write any one significance of biochemical 
2. Define environment.

3. According to the sustenance from 
environment, organisms can be grouped into 
which three categories?

4. Name any two groups of producers.
5. Define consumers.

6. Write the two raw materials for making food, used by living organisms of first tropic level.

7. Explicate the principle of food web.

8. Which of the following are more numerous in a food chain:–

(i) Secondary consumer (ii) Tertiary consumer

9. Define biological magnification.

10. Write the names of two decomposers.

11. Define global warming.

12. Write one ill effect of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

13. Which component of sunlight is vital for formation of ozone?

14. As a step to control pollution ‘Kulhads’ were used on a large scale. What was the ill effect  of this practice?

15. A food chain consists of grass, lion and rabbit. In this food chain, which organism will  transfer maximum energy?

16. Which of the following are Biodegradable; plastic toys, cow dung, aluminum foil and  cotton?

17. Name the programme that froze CFC production in 1986.

18. Expand UNEP.

19. Which is greater – energy lost to the environment or energy transferred to next trophic level?

20. Write a common feature between a food chain and energy flow in nature.

21. How is packaging related to increase in non biodegradable waste?

22. Burning the coal yields energy, but if try to eat coal we will not get any energy. Why?

2 Marks Questions:-

23. Distinguish between biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes. Cite examples.

24. Why is a plastic bag is called non-biodegradable while a paper is not?

25. Choose a biotic components comprising physical factors from the following : Rose, Soil, Leaf, Potato, Mountain, and Atmospheric pressure.

26. Name any four ecosystems.

27. Differentiate between natural and artificial ecosystem.

28. Why decomposers are necessary in environment?

29. Distinguish between food chain and food web.

30. Draw a pyramid showing four trophic levels.

31. Consider a food chain:-

Grass ------> Insect------> Frog ------Snake -------Hawk

How much energy is available at the first trophic level and fifth trophic level respectively.

32. Enlist two uses of CFCS. Write their harmful effect.

33. What will happen if all the snakes are eliminated from the following

Grass ------->Insect-------> Frog ------>Snake ------->Hawk

34. Is the road near your school a part of ecosystem? Explain

35. A neem tree is a producer but not the bread mould found on bread we eat. Give reasons.

36. Describe the process of decomposition.

37. Pesticides are useful to farmers, yet considered as pollutants. Give reason.

38. Energy stored in the body of lion is the energy coming from sun. Justify.

41. Enlist various categories of consumers giving examples of each.

42. Describe the 10% law of flow of energy using example. What percentage of solar energy is 
captured by plants in terrestrial ecosystem that falls on their leaves?

43. Write two information’s obtained from the energy flow diagram.

44.H A farmer cultivates wheat crop in his agricultural field. Explain the interlinks of Biotic 
antibiotic factors in this case

.45.H Explain how the pesticide used in the field reaches inside the body of a tertiary 

46. Recently the honorable court of justice banned the use of polythene bags. Do you support 
the step. Explicate with reasons.

47. Correlate the natural replenishment of soil and decomposers.

5 Marks Questions:-

48. Make two food chains and a food web from the following set of living organisms : Grass, 
Lion, Vulture, Deer, Insect, Snake. Identify the tertiary consumer in both of the food chains.

49.H Identify a deadly poisonous gas ‘X’ found at higher level of atmosphere which shields the 
surface of earth from harmful radiations from the sun. Write its chemical formula and equation 
of its formation. Why is damage to the ‘X’ layer a cause of concern? What steps are beings 
taken to limit this damage?

50.You are involved in a discussion on Interrelationship between environment and life styles.” 
with Nagendra and Paramjit. Nagendra is a village farmer and Paramjit is a owner of a popular 
showroom. Give the details of issue discussed. Describe the illeffects of such lifestyles on the 

Solution and Hint

1. Recycling of different materials.

3. Producers, consumers, decomposers

4. Green plants, certain blue green algae

6. CO2 and H2O

7. Each organism generally eaten by two or more organisms.

8. Secondary

9. Accumulation of materials

10. (i) Bacteria (ii) Fungi

12. Skin cancer

15. Grass to rabbit

17. UNEP

22. we lack enzymes to obtain coal’s energy

31. I = 9000 KJ, V = 0.9 KJ

32. Extinguisher or refregerant cause ozone layer depletion

35. Neem in autotroph, Bread mold parasite

39. Deer, grass hopper, scorpion40. owl, lion, vulture, fox

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