09 April 2012

Practice Questions Based on CBSE Physics class IX Chapter Motion and Rest

CCE Physics IX Chapter based Formative and Summative Assessments
1. A jogger runs with a constant 2.2 m/s speed for 15 minutes. What distance does she travel during that time?
2. After 15 minutes, the jogger in problem 1 gets tired, and during the next 2 seconds, she reduces her speed to 1.8 m/s. What was her average acceleration during these 2 seconds?
3. Assuming she moves during these 5 seconds with an average speed of 2.0 m/s, what distance does she travel while decelerating?
4. Add the results in problems 1 and 3, and using the total time of the motion, 15 minutes and 5 seconds, find the overall average speed of the jogger.
5. What is the acceleration of a tennis ball if initially it comes toward the player's racquet at 20 m/s, and it leaves in the opposite direction at 24 m/s? A high-speed camera indicates the time of impact of 4.0m s.
6. How long does it take the ball in problem 5 to travel 15 meters after being played? Neglect the gravitational effect, and suppose the ball travels along a straight line and assume a speed of 24 m/s
Practice Questions and Numerical Motion and Rest

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