21 April 2012

VIII force and Pressure test paper and workseet

Force and pressure    
Formative assessments - Oral Questions
1. Name one contact and one non-contact force?
2. What is SI unit of Force?
3. Which force act from distance and pull iron object?
4. A plastic comb when rubbed with hair can attract piece of paper. Name force and its nature?
5. Can balance force bring about any change in the state of motion?
6. What happen to the speed of moving object when it is pushed in the direction of motion?
7. Two forces 200N and 300N acting on a body in same direction. What is resultant force?
8. If several forces act on a body in different directions, In which direction body move?
9. What is the SI unit of pressure?
10. Name two quantities that define force?
11. Where the pressure due to water higher in sea – near base or at top?
12. How does pressure at a point with in a liquid change with its depth?
13. Pressure of liquid is ------ in all directions at same depth (same/vary)
14. Pressure doesn’t depends upon the size , shape of the container(T/F)
15. When pressure is applied on a liquid, it get transmitted throughout equally and in all directions .This law is given by is (Pascal’s/Newton’s Law)
16. On what principal, Hydraulic Disk brakes based on?
17. Gasses and liquids are collectively known as -----------------?
18. Name the single force equal to the net force of all forces acting on body?
19. Force is ----- and change in motion is ----------. ( effect, cause)
20. Force is applied in form of ---- and --------?
21. Force required to lift a body of mass 1kg vertically is called……………….( 1000gf or 1kgf).
22. Force that acting perpendicular to the object is -------------(Thrust or pressure)
23. Pressure is ratio of area and thrust ( T/F)
24. Pressure exerted by air at any point on the earth is called ---------.
25. Air exert pressure on the earth due to its ---------------( Mass or Weight)
26. -------------- is amount of matter present in an object?
27. Atmospheric pressure is  measured by using ----------- that is made by E. Torricelli.
28. ------------ Barometer does not use any liquid -----------( Mercury barometer or Aneroid barometer)
29. Atmospheric pressure -------------- with altitude (Increase  Or, Decrease)
30. Pressure exerted by 76 cm high column of mercury is equal to ----- atmospheric pressure ( 1  Or, 2)
31. ------------ and ----------- are  use to measure weight  and mass of body respectively?
32. -------------- is the change in velocity in a unit time interval.
33. If the amount of time the force is applied is very short, that force is called an ---------- ( impulse)
35. One ------------ is the force required to give a mass of 1 kilogram (1 kg) an acceleration of 1 meter per second per second (1 m/s2). It is abbreviated as N and equal to 100,000 dynes.
36. A torque is a special form of force that turns an axle in a given direction. It is sometimes called a rotational force(T/F)
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